Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Some pieces of news from Barnstaple, England 2015

„We arrived at Barnstaple at 18.00. We went to our new families. I had Pamela, 73 – grandma but very active.“

„ Then we went to our new „home“. I like it here very much. Our „parents‘ names are Neil and Kate. Neil is our teacher in school.  For diner we had pizza and a delicious cake.“

„ Today we went to school. We were in three groups and we had three teachers. My favourite teacher is Nick because he is funny.“

„ We had a tour round Barnstaple with our guide Tom who said „OJE, OJE, OJE! After  that we went to the Museum and we wrote the museum quiz.“

„Then we had free time. We went to Poundland shop where everything costs only 1 pound. Then we went to Primark. I bought a T-shirt and socks.“

„After school we  went to the valley of rocks by bus. It was nice there. There were many cliffs. I saw some goats.“

„We visited Lynton and Lynmouth. We rode by funicular.“

„My favourite trip was all day excursion to Tintagel in Cornwall to learn something about King Arthur’s legend. First we went to King Arthur’s Great Hall, that’s like a museum. We heard something about this legend from „Merlin“. I sat on the best place on the throne. Then we saw a round table and we could také a photo of us on the throne with „Excalibur“.

Then we moved into the ruins of Tintagel castle. We had a small picnic. Then we went to Merlin’s cave that is under water when it’s high tide. We were throwing stones into the water and we had fun.“

„Free day with our family. We got up late. After lunch we went to the beach where we met our schoolmates.“

„Tomorrow when wie will be in Exeter we will have to ask people questions! Our topic is SUPERHERO! We have five questions.“

„ I loved the trip to England. I was happy because I loved England so much.“

Children from 7.B and 7.C.

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